We all know that social media started for just for fun and stay connected with family and friends. People nowadays spending more and more time on their phones and most of the time is on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Ticktok as well. With the wide use of social media its also became a great way for interacting with small businesses to a customer and vice-versa.

Social media is not only free but your potential customers are already waiting to hear from you, So being a Small Business owner you must start social media management and interaction with your customers.

Why Social Media Management

To understand why a small business start social media management we go through a report from Goodfirms

  • Nearly all (96.28%) participants believe that social media have a positive impact on their life.
  • People use at least 4 social media platforms a day including Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and Messenger are used widely and extensively.
  • Visual content such as photos, videos and memes are among the most posted and engaged content type of social media.
  • Perishable posts like WhatsApp and Instagram stories gained massive popularity.

By seeing the report we can say that Social media is almost universal now. So it’s essential for a business to be present on different social media platforms and stay connected to preserve their customers.

Find Out Right Social Media Channels For Your Business

When we think about social media management for our business the first question is comes to our mind is which social media channel should I choose for my business for which social media channel I should focus most.

First thing fist being present on too many social media channels can affect your productivity and reduces your goal results. We must know which social media platforms to focus can really help your business to achieve goals.

Statistic: Most popular social networks worldwide as of January 2020, ranked by number of active users (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Here Are Some Tips That May Help You Decide The Right Social Media Channels

  • Take a closer look at each social media platform and find out which social media channel will best work for your business. For example, Facebook is the biggest social media channel on the internet with an estimate of 2.498 billion global active people every month and 66% of them are daily users. Facebook has proved that its popularity among users is here to stay and no doubt it can be ‘social’ home for your business on the internet.
  • Before deciding a suitable channel for your small business at first work out a clear and implementable plan because social media may be free but your time is valuable. While managing social media keep in mind also to stay focused on your business. Many people lose focus on their business while becoming social, Social media also has negative effects on business due to time lost trying to come to terms with social media. Making a plan will really help you to stay focused on both social media and business.
  • When it comes to social media consistency is important. Don’t get frustrated stick with and stay top of mind and build trust with your customer because social media takes time in order to achieve a goal.
  • And the last but not least don’t sign up for every social media channel just because they are new or papular. Take your time to determine which social media channel is relevant for your business.

Brief Information Of Some Most Popular Social Media Channels

  1. Facebook:- We all know that Facebook is the biggest social media channel and by the number, Facebook has 1.657 billion users globally. Your business page on Facebook will give a place for people or your potential customers that can leave a message, browse through business products or photos, or chat with you online. Update your business page on a regular basis with not only promotional content or information, but interesting and engaging content as well. This platform also needs some advertising and if it did on the right way then you will definitely see the benefits on your business.
  2. Twitter:- Twitter provides a platform to say and listen to things. Twitter is meant for the people you actually want to communicate with not so much for family and friends. In recent years Twitter has grown up as a platform for breaking news. The great hashtag feature will let you be part of the latest trends and newsworthy events. Twitter is also a great way to connect with your customers and hear from them if they are unsatisfied with your product or services, this will give you the chance to excel in your customer service.
  3. Instagram:- You may already aware that it is a photo-sharing program. This free app can be downloaded onto iPhones and Androids. With a variety of filters to apply on the pictures with a simple press of buttons increase the popularity of app in peoples. Instagram is mainly designed for smartphones and you are not able to upload pictures from your PC without using third-party apps. Hence if you are not going to use your smartphone then it will be difficult for you to manage your Instagram business account. When it comes to business, Instagram is a great social media platform to interact customer with products, pictures of staff and development within the business and this channel also add ‘we’re just human’ factor to your business. Instagram has 1 Billion active monthly users and you need to understand the demographic and determine if these are the right target audience for your business. The major thing is Instagram has over 70% of users are female age between 18-35 years.
  4. Pinterest:- You should consider Pinterest if your business has a great image to share. If your business using heavy images like photography, eCommerce or retail shop then this social media tool is best suited for your business. With 322 million monthly active users on Pinterest provide you with fabulous backlinks for your website. Pinterest is a highly visual nature site and this will give you a distinct advantage if your business produces highly visual content. A pinned image on Pinterest has the potential to reach millions of followers.
  5. LinkedIn:- If you are reading this then you probably a businessman, aren’t you? LinkedIn is the largest community of businessman and professionals. Most of the small business owners still don’t think about LinkedIn for marketing their business. Compare to Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn is more serious in nature so people in this social media channel wants more serious and informative content. Like Facebook, LinkedIn provides a Group feature where the same type of professional, industry or interests share content, find answers, make business contacts and post and view jobs. So it is on you how LinkedIn going to provide benefits to your business.
  6. YouTube:- YouTube is the most popular video-oriented social media channel and this is the largest search engine after Google. Video content on YouTube is optimised to be found by someone who is looking for your product or service. But it comes to YouTube marketing it is more competitive. If your business value video content then this is really a social media channel to choose. You are thinking that signing up here is a great decision for you.

There are also more social media channels that are popular in small business like Foursquare, Snapchat and Slideshare. But you must note that being available on many social media channels can affect your productivity and business goal results. So take your time and do some homework because knowing which platform to focus can really help your business.

Some Tips For Creating A Perfect Social Media Post

Every social media platform have different types of users or we can say a different type of social media channel has a different type of features and characteristics. To attract people of different channels you must post accordingly, there is no foolproof guideline for posting but here are some tips that may help you to reach your goal and objective on top channels.


  • Facebook users attract the positive thing that makes them excited and cheerful. So be positive while creating a post for Facebook.
  • Image generate more engagement on Facebook, create your post with attractive images.
  • People also come on Facebook to learn new things and they keep reading if you give good and catchy titles to them.
  • Most of the users use their smartphone for Facebook, so make your posts mobile friendly as well.


  • Don’t confuse your followers, post exactly what you want to say.
  • Being a business don’t sacrifice with grammars and spalling. While posting on twitter keep an eye to what you are writing is correct or not grammatically.
  • Twitter post is limited to 140 characters, when you are using a link or URL in your post, use sorter links (like bit.ly).
  • Interact with your customer, retweet or mention them so they could spread your message.


  • Pinterest is full of colours when posting on it just act like an artist and make red colour your favourite. It is better to hire an artist to enhance your images.
  • Focus on physical product and service in your posts because posts with human faces produce less engagement.
  • Pinterest users are more active in late-night from 8 PM to 1 AM, design your post accordingly.
  • The last but not least, 4 out of 5 users of Pinterest are female (This hint is enough, isn’t it?)


Social Media Management is not your business, So use social media channels for your business growth and we all know access of everything is bad. While becoming social, don’t lose your focus on your business. Always remember don’t be present on too many social media channels that can affect your productivity and results.

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