We all know that we are living in a digital era where everything has gone beyond physical presence. In this era, if you are really focused to achieve success in business, you need to make the digital presence of your business in the world. A business website is the first step towards the digital presence of business in the world.

Now, most of you would be little clueless about how to build a business website. You do not have to be a worry. Traitsoft supports in all aspects of building a business website. So, you can do focus on your business. Today, We are going to explain to you, how it works and how it is built.

Web Hosting

Web hosting allows a person or a company to create a website that can be viewed by anyone through the internet. While web hosts are service providers that offer space on a server that can be rented.

web hosting vector graphic

Web Designer

Web designers(Traitsoft), who design and develop the website. It’s simply an individual or a company who construct, maintain and update your business website.

Now that you know what hosting is, I’m going to explain in simple terms what some of its main functions are and how they relate to your website.

Thinking about Your Site as a Store

To help you understand the different functions involved, I break hosting down for you with an analogy that you can easily understand. This will help you quickly and easily see which functions do what and when you will need them.

Even if you don’t intend to use your website or blog to sell things, think of your site as a store and your visitors as customers to that store. The analogy works just as well whether you are selling something or not.

Imagine you are opening a new store. To open your store, you need

  1. A name
  2. A location
  3. Staff
  4. Products to sell

If anyone of those essential items is missing, your store can’t open, so you have to, at the very minimum, have all those things in place.

The same is true of a website. To start a website, you need the following:

  1. A name (the domain name)
  2. A location (a web server)
  3. Staff (someone to maintain and update your site — Traitsoft)
  4. Products (contents or items on the site for visitors to read/see/buy)

Without these four basic elements, you cannot get your website up and running.

In your hypothetical store, you might also want the following items:

  1. Security
  2. Advertising
  3. Decor
  4. An office
  5. Let to get in
  6. Insurance
  7. An easy way to get new stock.

An easy way to get new stock

These things are also available for your website. Security and advertising are self-explanatory, but the other items in a brick-and-mortar store translate to the following things on your website:

Decor = the design of your site

An office = your hosting control panel

Keys to get in = your username and password

Insurance = a good backup system

A way to get stock = FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Giving your store a name

When you open a store in the real world, the name is not the first thing you need. It helps to have the name first, but it isn’t essential. In the hosting world, though, the site name, known as the domain name, is the first thing you need to decide on.

You can’t buy hosting and start designing your site until you have decided on a name and have purchased the domain name.

Finding the right location (and landlord)

Your hosting is like a building that your store is in, and your website is the decor, products, and everything else that goes inside the store.

When you first open a store, you need to find a building you can lease in a good location at the right price.

Responsible for the physical building. 

It’s his responsibility to make sure the walls are sound and the roof doesn’t collapse, but beyond that, everything is up to you. If one of your racks or product display stands breaks, it isn’t your landlord’s responsibility. It’s yours.

The same is true of your hosting. The web hosting company you buy hosting from is renting you space on a computer connected to the Internet.

Most store owners only contact their landlords to pay the rent or to tell them when there is a problem with the building. Likewise, website owners only need to contact the web hosting company to pay the hosting charge or to report that the server seems not to be working correctly.

Hiring the right staff

hiring the right staff

Before paying for hosting, think about who is going to keep the website updated. If you were opening a business, you’d have to think about what staff you are going to have in the store, whether you’ll sell enough to pay them. Traitsoft is one of the best in designing and support build a business website.

Stocking the shelves

It is not enough to open a store and stock the shelves once then never restock them. The stock on the shelves needs to be replenished regularly or people will have nothing to come back to buy.

Your hosting plan and your website are not the same thing. Your hosting plan is the facility that gives you a location in which to house your website. The website itself is comprised of the files, databases, and pages that create something viewable to Internet users.

If you picture a store, you generally think of a building with products inside. What you’re seeing, though, is two separate parts: a building and the decor/products. If you take the decorations, racks, products, and everything else out — and even take the sign off the front — the building is still there.

Hosting is the building. It’s empty; it simply provides space for you to work in. Your website is everything that’s inside the building. Delete your website and the computer it was hosted on still exists (and you’ll still be charged for your hosting plan whether you’re using it or not).

Every store needs an office. Somewhere where you can sit and relax without being in front of customers. Somewhere you can do all the background administration the store needs. For the hosting plan, that’s called the control panel or the dashboard.

Control Panel

control panel vector

Your control panel is where you administer the hosting, set up passwords and e-mail accounts, and do all the back-end stuff that is related to the hosting but not specifically the site. With most hosting companies, you can run multiple sites under one control panel, like having a central office doing the administration for a chain of stores.

You need a lock and keys to keep your office safe, and that’s your control panel’s username and password that your host will have provided for you when you registered for hosting.

Stores need a way to get stock in and out, so where possible they have a loading bay. The loading bay is typically at the back so the customers don’t see the deliveries being made and can’t interfere with them.


FTP provides a loading bay for your website. Any time you need to update the site in any way, FTP is the tool you need to do that. It’s like a delivery driver. You tell it which files you want to be delivered and where you want them delivered and the FTP does the rest.


Finally comes the part everyone hates — insurance. Nobody likes making insurance payments until something goes wrong, and then they’re really glad to have insurance and wish they had paid a little more to get even better coverage.

Website owners face the same problem. Nobody wants to pay for daily backups — or even weekly or monthly ones — and many people choose not to, but then their website goes down and they really regret not having paid for the backup service. 

Just as I would suggest that any company get insurance, I absolutely recommend that website owners get a good backup system.


There are many web hosting provider in the world. Some web hosting provider pops up in our mind through their robust advertisement and they just highlight pricing with hidden terms & conditions. They try to tempt you with a price. When you take, they will start charging separately for different services. So, any individual or company who wants to start a website. You should analyze pricing and services before purchasing a domain name and web hosting. We have already mentioned above to understand you better at the time of purchasing a domain name and web hosting.

We will recommend you Siteground for domain name and web hosting. Because they give an overall package with good pricing and their services are one of the best and reliable. We used many web hosting provider. but, never satisfied with their services and pricing. When we understood in details, then chose Siteground. Now, We are using Siteground for our and the client’s website. We give 5 rating out of 5 for Siteground

Hope you understood, how to build a business website. Make good use of it and help yourself and others for purchasing a domain name and web hosting.

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