Successful branding process is based on the concept of uniqueness. The objective of law of branding is to create a brand in the mind of the consumer that there is no other product on the market similar to your product. Essential law of branding plays an important role to convert simple business in a successful brand.

It is not necessary for a successful brand appeal to everybody. The same concept of uniqueness makes sure that no other brand can be possibly a universal appeal. Do you know the difference between selling and branding? It is same as two aspects of a coin. All good selling products can not be brand. But a brand can be a good selling product. Could you sell a $150 Rolex watch? Yes, you can probably sell millions of them and sales of Rolex Watches will increase. Can you imagine? what will happen in the long term to the Rolex brand? A low priced Rolex would ultimately kill the expensive Rolex brand.

The Importance of Marketing In Brand Building

The same rule applies to almost all type of marketing, Digital Marketing is trending and also a great way to do marketing of your Brand. Conventional marketing strategies (expansion and line extension) can increase sales for a short time, but in the long run, they usually weaken the power of the brand and decrease sales. This type of marketing is based on selling when it should be based on branding. Marketing is not only selling. Marketing is creating a brand in the mind of the consumer. If you can create a powerful brand, you should have a powerful marketing tool. If you do not have, then all the advertising, fancy packaging, sales promotion, Web designs, and public relations in the world are a waste of resources.

Marketing is what all company is in business to do. Marketing is the company’s decisive objective. That’s why everyone who works in a corporation should be concerned with marketing, and specifically, with the law of branding.

The essence of the marketing process is obviously creating a brand in the minds of consumers. But what, you may ask, is a brand? Some people believe that brands possess unique identities and qualities separate and distinct from other company or product names.

A brand name is nothing but a word in the mind, though a special kind of word. The power of a brand is its ability to influence consumer purchasing behaviour. But a brand name on a package is not the same thing as a brand in a mind. What differentiates the winners from the losers? Good branding. And so we predict that those companies that follow the principles of branding will be able to develop successful brands.

If your company wants to be a powerful brand, then you should study the law of branding.

There Are Squeezed 11 Essential Law of Branding For All Businesses.

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1. The Law of Contraction

A brand starts becoming stronger when you contract its focus.

The emphasis in most of the companies is in the short term. Line extension, mega branding, variable pricing, and following other sophisticated marketing techniques are being used to milk brands rather than create them. While milking may bring easy money in the short term, in the long term it wears off the brand until it no longer stands for anything. If you want to build a powerful brand in the minds of consumers, you need to narrow your brand, not expand it.

In the long term, expanding your brand will diminish your brand value and weaken your image. If you put your brand name on everything, that name loses its power. Work on a niche product or service and give your effort to make it strong which will help you out to cash in future.

Good things happen when you narrow rather than expand your business. When you dominate a category, you become extremely order to dominate a category, you must contact your brand’s focus.

But let’s focus on you for a moment. Let’s say that you want to be rich. Now ask yourself: Can I get rich by doing what rich people do in life? Rich people buy expensive houses and eat inexpensive restaurants. They drive BMW and wear Rolex watches. They vacation on the Switzerland and Los Vegas.

Would buying an expensive house, a BMW, and a Rolex make you rich? Just the opposite. It’s likely you will become poor, even bankrupt. If you want to be rich, you have to do what rich people used to do before they were rich—you have to find out what they did to become rich. If you want to build a successful company, you have to do what successful companies did before they were successful.
As it happens, they all did the same thing. They narrowed their focus.

2. The Law of Publicity

The birth of a brand is accomplished with publicity, not advertising.

In the past, it may have been true that a big advertising budget was the key ingredient in the brand-building process. But it is not necessarily what worked in the past will work today. We live in populated society, where each of us gets hit with hundreds of commercial messages daily.

the law of publicity

Today brands are born, not made. A new brand must be capable of generating favourable publicity in the media and society or it won’t have a chance in the marketplace. And how do you generate publicity? being first is the best way to generate publicity. In other words, try to be the first brand in a new category.

Most companies develop their branding strategies as if advertising were their primary communications aspect. They’re totally wrong. Strategy should be firstly developed from a publicity point of view.

3. The Law of Advertising

Once born, a brand needs advertising to live healthily.

law of advertising

Advertising is a very powerful tool, not to build the leadership of a newbie brand, but to maintain that leadership once it is obtained. Companies should not hesitate to use massive advertising programs to muddle the competition who want to protect their well-established brands. consumer engagement with your brand is very important and advertising help to keep engaged. How running in humid condition body requires glucose to stop dehydration. Same like body, companies also need advertising to stop weakening in a competitive market.

4. The Law of The Word

A brand should try to build up a word in the mind of the consumer.

If you want to build a brand, you must focus your branding efforts on owning a word in the consumer’s mind. A word that nobody else possesses.

the law of the word

Once a brand owns a word, it’s impossible for a competitor to take that word away from the brand. A word create a picture in the consumer’s mind like a brand. whenever face the word they see the picture of the brand. We can consider the best example of this is Amazon. The word is brand in itself, nobody can copy it.

5. The Law of Quality

Quality is important, but brands are not built by only quality.

Everybody thinks they can do marketing by saying that it is a high-quality product, but in reality, things are not always so obvious.

image showing the law of quality

Building a quality brand is not as try to give everything in one place, To get the brand success you should narrow your focus and combine that with a better name and a higher price. If you fail to meet customers’ expectation, they will start looking for alternatives. Quality is very critical to satisfying your customers and retaining their loyalty so they continue to purchase from you in the future. Quality products make an important impact on long-term revenue and profitability. They also give you the authority to charge and maintain higher prices. The crucial ingredient in the success of any brand is committed to delivering reliable products.

6. The Law of The Category

A leading brand should push the category, not the brand.

The most efficient, most productive, most useful law of branding is creating a new category. In other words, narrowing the focus where nothing is present and starting something totally new.

That’s the rule to become the first brand in a new category and ultimately the leading brand in a rapidly growing new segment of the market.

If you associate your brand with a specific category, you have to be consistent with your actions and marketing. Otherwise, your brand will fall into the grey area. Positioning a brand into multiple categories creates confusion in the consumer’s mind.

You should always remember that Spreading a brand across multiple categories often weakens a brand; therefore, pick a category and focus all your efforts towards it.

7. The Law of The Name

Advisable in the long run, a brand is nothing more than a name.

The most important branding decision you ever make is what to keep the name of your product or service. Because a brand is nothing more than a name in the long run.

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Always distinguish the reason. You should not confuse what makes a brand successful in the short term with what makes a brand successful in the long term.

In the short term, a brand requires a unique idea or concept to survive. It requires to be first in a new category. It requires to own a word in the mind.

But in the long term, the unique idea or concept go away. All that only is left is the difference between your brand name and the brand names of your competitors.

8. The Law of Extensions

The easiest principle to destroy a brand is to put its name on everything.

When consumers are not exactly rushing out to buy your product, why would you need more brands to satisfy those consumers? Logic always suggests you would need fewer brands. But that is customer logic. Manufacturer logic is something different. If sale volume is going nowhere, the manufacturer concludes they need more brands to maintain or increase sales.

When a category is doing good sales, there are opportunities for new brands, but the manufacturer thinks they’re not needed. “We are doing great, we don’t require any more brands.”

different type of drinks explaining the law of extension

As a result, the marketplace is filled with line extensions in areas where they are not required and is starved for new brands in areas where they are required. Figure that one out. There is one more reason for the rise in line extensions is a company’s natural instinct to copy the competition.

9. The Law of Fellowship

If you want to build the category, a brand should welcome other brands.

When Competition is more, it increases the noise level and tends to increase sales in the category. Competition also expands the category while allowing the brands to stay focused.

Consumers respond to competition because the choice is seen as a major benefit. If there is no choice, consumers are suspicious. Maybe the category has some loophole? Maybe the price is too high? Consumer show interest to buy a brand if you don’t have another brand to compare it with?

different type of soft drink from multiple brands

Your brand should welcome healthy competition. It always brings more customers into the category.

10. The Law of The Company

Brands are brands. Companies are companies. There is a difference.

Nothing causes as much confusion in the process of branding as the proper use of a company name. The issue is how to use a company name is at the same time simple and complicated. It is simply because the laws are so transparent. This process is complicated because it does not follow the simple law of branding and finally end up with a system that defies logic and results in endless brand-versus-company debates.

When you put together a company name with a brand name in a clear and consistent fashion, the brand name is the primary name and the company name is seen as the secondary name.

11. The Law of Sub Brands

What branding builds, sub-branding can destroy.

If you feel that you need to create sub-brands, it means you are chasing the market, you are not building the brand.

The essence of a brand is some idea or attribute or market segment you can own in the consumer’s mind. Sub branding is a concept which takes the brand in exactly the opposite direction. Sub branding destroys what branding creates. Branding concepts that are not followed by the marketplace are going to go nowhere.


If you follow 11 essential law of branding from the scratch in brand building. It means your success ratio will be high in brand building and you can build a big brand among consumer. It is not the short term process, persistence and continuity will make the difference.

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